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Back to Work!!!

Well, this was my first week back at work, remotely, but still work, lots of Zoom meetings (for those that don't know Zoom is video conferencing) and collaboration. It was challenging resetting to get ready in the AM, as getting ready with this condition is ALOT maintenance, showering, ointment application, dressing, making sure my face, head and neck don't have flakes of skin, ears too, it takes a while and I am still quite red! So I nailed that process by Thursday by waking by 6 and ready to work by 9am and all of this with feeding Magoo and spending time with him. On Wednesday, I was tired and my eyes were red and I was itchy (I'll take the itch instead of the awful pain that I was in), and for a nano second, I doubted my decision to return to work, but I prayed and kept on going and charged through the week. Guess what?!?!? I made it!!! I'm so happy that I am working again and had to set myself up in my spare bedroom as an office as Magoo likes to bark at the UPS, A