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No Flare Ups This past week!!!!

For the first time since the week of January 5th, I suffered NO FLARE UPS!!!! This has to do with a few things drug therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal formula, diet and prayer (by me and others). My Dermatologist is seeing signs of clearing as is my acupuncture Dr.! So things are looking up, not out of the woods yet as walking is sometimes still a bit painful, BUT, Im walking!!!! UPS: Legs are still tender but less tender than they were hence my ability to walk around the house and grounds, YAY! Making very good nutritious food daily following Mediterranean Diet Continuing to see results from Chinese herbs formulated for me and my condition (thanks Dr. David) Continuing to see results from weekly acupuncture Continuing to see results from my drug regimen, I am now off Acitretin, so we will see how that goes Able to Shower EVERYDAY NOW!!!!! A good friend turned me on to Noni Lotion, which helps with itching (from Hawaii)!! DOWNS: Lots of shedding, hopefully this will

First Week with No Cosntyx

This will be the first week that I do not have a weekly Costenyx shot. I am now on Monthly shots, so my next shot is in 4 weeks- Today is Thursday and my inner leg pain is pretty bad I rate it an 8 out of 10, but I'm pressing on, taking it easy, meditating and saying prayers. I'm also on a higher dosage of Chinese herbs to help the skin retail more moisture, just started today so that needs a few days to kick in. Inner legs feel like the skin is 2 sizes too small, ugh- Ups Had a great Dermo appt with Dr. Bui, she is seeing small Isles of Sparing (small areas of my normal skin color) on my chest, back, legs, and face (1).  I also had a few growths on my face (due to PRP) frozen off, I am very happy about that My Acupuncture Dr, Dr. David, at my appointment this week noticed my face is more of a normal color and he added additional herbs for moisture capture to the herbs I am already taking I'm wearing sweats, vs. the skirts I was originally wearing since my legs we

What A Week

This past week had its ups and downs: Ups Pain has lessened, walking slowly Was finally able to start wearing sweats again, as the tenderness in my legs calmed down a bit Had Acupuncture appointments that I think really helped me get stronger and calmed symptoms Really embraced the Mediterranean  Diet, Im really enjoying planning meals abound vegetables vs. proteins, no red meat, no chicken yet Shakes 3x a day made with blueberries, bananas, strawberries and spinach yummers Downs waking up 3x a night to apply ointment and pee pain is unpredictable and random have a fleshy lump on collarbone that is typical due to steroid use pic below, no pain, just gross looking Nails are getting thicker ugh hand skin is waxy and thick still really itchy need naps daily, due to fatigue I am continuing to take care of myself, praying alot, in many people's prayer groups, shout out to my good friend Awilda Cruz for keeping me in her thoughts and prayers (prayer warrior e

Happy Friday! New Post layout

Happy Friday, here is the new post for the prior week, not to worry if something comes up mid week I'll post as usual- This has been a week of ups and downs, but ending on an "up", feeling better after having a rough Tuesday and Wednesday, lots of inner leg pain, due to running around to 2 appts, leg skin just did not appreciate all of the movement, so I took it very easy Weds and Thurs and it paid off. Today is Friday and I am back to a 4-5 in pain which is better that the 8.5 that I had earlier in the week. I think the turnaround has to do with a few things: The Chinese Herbal Tea I am taking No Tylenol, just ibuprofen (body had to get used to that)  Combination of Acitretin and Consentyx Mediterranean Diet Here is last week's log: Date Pain Threshold (1-10) Pain Notes   Diet Notes Dr Appts or Medicine Notes Other Notes 1/31/2020 Fri 4 Costentyx Shot # 3 2/1/2020 Sat 4 2/2/2020 Sun 5 2/3/2

Chinese Herbal Regimen

Here are the herbs that I have been prescribed to ingest 3x a day can be found here

Appointment Day & 中医 (Chinese Medicine)

Got to see my dermatologist today and she extended my leave to the end of February. Seeing some progress on my chest and stomach (both no longer beet red), but legs are still flaring, especially inner legs from knee to start of the butt cheek. Inner arms from the elbow up still tender but not hurting as much as inner knees. We talked about the current regimen and talked about removing the Acitretin, but, we will keep everything as is for now. I'll have to do labs before my next appt (2/18) to check liver and kidneys. Also saw my Dr. of Acupuncture and Herbs, Dr David, who but me on a herb blend to see if that could help my pain and a cream that can maybe help my hands and feet (we wills tart there). We went over my current regimen and I need to cut down on some stuff: Dairy (cheese occasionally) Wine ( ugh ) but I'll comply, I can at least have 1 glass : ) yay Tylenol, so I'll drop it and only take ibuprofen, this will lessen the load on my liver Mediterranean die

New Week New Hopes!

I start my week on Fridays as that is the day I have to inject myself with Cosentyx. Last evening was my third weekly dose, so I am hopeful that this week, my PRP symptoms continue to decrease. The self injections are getting easier and easier, but still a bit freaky. My nails are continuing to thicken, hands and feet skin becoming waxy. As mentioned in a previous post I wear booties on feet under socks and nitrile gloves on hands in order to prevent cracking and bleeding (ugh). I have a huge crack on my left foot, big toe crease above the ball of my foot and need to apply antibiotic ointment daily~ This weekend is a very dear friend's 50th birthday celebration in Las Vegas, which I was unable to attend due to my "lovely" temporary overbearing "partner" named PRP. I wish my friend that happiest of milestone birthdays!! I also wish that this PRP goes into remission sooner than later so I can be part of celebrations and everyday life. Anyway, onto week three