Appointment Day & 中医 (Chinese Medicine)

Got to see my dermatologist today and she extended my leave to the end of February. Seeing some progress on my chest and stomach (both no longer beet red), but legs are still flaring, especially inner legs from knee to start of the butt cheek. Inner arms from the elbow up still tender but not hurting as much as inner knees. We talked about the current regimen and talked about removing the Acitretin, but, we will keep everything as is for now. I'll have to do labs before my next appt (2/18) to check liver and kidneys.

Also saw my Dr. of Acupuncture and Herbs, Dr David, who but me on a herb blend to see if that could help my pain and a cream that can maybe help my hands and feet (we wills tart there). We went over my current regimen and I need to cut down on some stuff:

  1. Dairy (cheese occasionally)
  2. Wine (ugh) but I'll comply, I can at least have 1 glass : ) yay
  3. Tylenol, so I'll drop it and only take ibuprofen, this will lessen the load on my liver
Mediterranean diet is preferred and that is something that I am following, so no real changes there. I think the no cream in my coffee will bug me for a bit, but I'll take it black. OH also the herbs taste like coffee and I have to take them 3x per day, so I'll have my "fix" hahaha!

Looking forward to results albeit slow, but results are results DAMNIT! OK I gotta lay down, Im exhausted!! check out the diagram and pics below!!!

9pm update: I over did it today, 2 blisters on  one foot and 1 on the other, also lots of chaffing on the legs, ugh, hoping for the best, clearly not ready to get back to work!

Back to this diagram, as legs are flaring front and back from the knee up, but at lest I can walk a bit!

Also because of the swelling, I have taken to skirt-like sweat shorts that don't touch my inner legs, for the love !!!! FFS! you can tell I'm thrilled in that shot -


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