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March 30 Wow, you know the saying, "All good things must come to an end", well it's true, kind of - I was having a good 2 week run, then BAM, a flare happened on my legs that has me limping around the house. BUT, this too shall pass, day by day, I'll look forward to getting better and that will happen- What is a flare?, it is exactly what is sounds like. The skin gets inflamed, red, tender to the touch and just plain uncomfortable. My flare occurred in my problem areas: inner legs, pictures below OUCH- Anyway, I'll ride this out and make sure to have patience and move forward without looking back, but only for lessons learned. Oh and to top it off I'm dealing with a STYE as well!!!! hahahahahahahaha, it's all good though, I can have a ton load of things thrown at me and still manage to get through it with Faith and Optimism! The Chinese Herbs causing some issues with my GI tract so awaiting another batch that does not cause waterworks for #2'

Another Good Week

March 22 This week was a good one as well. As i am feeling better the Corona Virus has gotten crazy! What timing! The Bay Area is Sheltering in Place, this means stay home unless you have reason to go to out. The only businesses that are open are ones that are required such as grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies and hardware stores and restaurants are allowed takeout only. Small business is being hit hard if they are outside of those aforementioned businesses. All of my appointments have been rescheduled: No Acupuncture, Chinese herbs being mailed to me and my dermatologist appt is going to be over the phone- Like I mentioned above, I am feeling less pain, meaning I can easily get around which is awesome, however, I still have PRP, just because I am feeling better does not mean the disease is going away, so I am remaining vigilant to this PRP! My short term disability ran out, so I had to get converted to Long Term Disability and that was recently approved which I am very than

Better and Better!

March 13 First off, thanks for all the TEXTS, CARDS, PHONE CALLS and SOCIAL MEDIA LOVE!!! As I mentioned on my off cycle post, things are looking up, less pain is always welcome!! I am now battling shedding like crazy which is "fine dried skin flakes" as this does not hurt but it's itchy! I am approaching a stage in this disease which is stabilization and I have been looking forward to this for months!!! I am getting acupuncture 2x per week taking my Chinese herbs daily and seeing my dermatologist as well. Work has been so understanding, but i do look forward to going back soon! I am getting back to a normal color. I still have to wear gloves and wrap my feet as these extremities are prone to super dryness and cracking so I have to be aware of those potential effects and manage daily- Legs are going through a metamorphosis as the skin is leathery and inner leg skin is healing nicely with manageable pain there- Torso is continuing to shed very fine (almost dust l

Off Schedule Post!

March 5 Hey All So much progress that I had to post. Things are getting better, I am walking again with sweats on, [meaning no more skirts to protect my leg skin]. I was able to get to the market a couple of times this week!! Fatigue is starting to dwindle and I am getting back to normal energy levels [thank GOD]. Still have a ways to go to normalcy, BUT this is HUGE.  Eyebrows are growing back same with eyelashes!!! I am looking so forward to remission that I could spit! I'm well on the way!! Torso shedding like crazy Hands and feet still wrapped daily, but Im told those are the last to heal Leg pain at a Minimum Continuing clean eating, no processed foods at all, 100% fresh, 100% Mediterranean, homemade everything, even pasta! Skin still pink, but that is better than RED OR PURPLE!!!! Continue the prayers and good wishes!! Date Pain Threshold (1-10) Pain Notes   Diet Notes Dr Appts or Medicine Notes Other Notes 2/28/2020 Fri 4 Very