Better and Better!

March 13

First off, thanks for all the TEXTS, CARDS, PHONE CALLS and SOCIAL MEDIA LOVE!!! As I mentioned on my off cycle post, things are looking up, less pain is always welcome!! I am now battling shedding like crazy which is "fine dried skin flakes" as this does not hurt but it's itchy! I am approaching a stage in this disease which is stabilization and I have been looking forward to this for months!!!

I am getting acupuncture 2x per week taking my Chinese herbs daily and seeing my dermatologist as well. Work has been so understanding, but i do look forward to going back soon! I am getting back to a normal color.

I still have to wear gloves and wrap my feet as these extremities are prone to super dryness and cracking so I have to be aware of those potential effects and manage daily-

Legs are going through a metamorphosis as the skin is leathery and inner leg skin is healing nicely with manageable pain there-

Torso is continuing to shed very fine (almost dust like) skin and this is itchy, but being controlled by the Chinese Herbs and Aquaphor + my monthly Costentyx shot!!! (due today)

Face is still dry especially around eyes, but manageable-

Continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers!!!!


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