No Flare Ups This past week!!!!

For the first time since the week of January 5th, I suffered NO FLARE UPS!!!! This has to do with a few things drug therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal formula, diet and prayer (by me and others). My Dermatologist is seeing signs of clearing as is my acupuncture Dr.! So things are looking up, not out of the woods yet as walking is sometimes still a bit painful, BUT, Im walking!!!!


  • Legs are still tender but less tender than they were hence my ability to walk around the house and grounds, YAY!
  • Making very good nutritious food daily following Mediterranean Diet
  • Continuing to see results from Chinese herbs formulated for me and my condition (thanks Dr. David)
  • Continuing to see results from weekly acupuncture
  • Continuing to see results from my drug regimen, I am now off Acitretin, so we will see how that goes
  • Able to Shower EVERYDAY NOW!!!!!
  • A good friend turned me on to Noni Lotion, which helps with itching (from Hawaii)!!
  • Lots of shedding, hopefully this will be the last major shed before total clearing and remission
  • Getting up 3 to 4x a night to urinate and apply ointments
  • Everything I do I must do slowly, especially walking (which is very unlike me)
  • Still not able to go back to work, but hope to return soon!!!

Date Pain Threshold (1-10) Pain Notes  Diet Notes Dr Appts or Medicine Notes Other Notes
2/21/2020 Fri
Lots of torso shedding

2/22/2020 Sat
Lots of torso shedding Had 1 glass of wine over limit of 1

Pain pretty manageable, walking very slow and careful
2/23/2020 Sun
Leg skin tight and Lots of torso shedding

2/24/2020 Mon
Leg skin tight and Lots of torso shedding

2/25/2020 Tues
Inner legs more tender today and Lots of torso shedding

2/26/2020 Weds
Inner legs more tender today and Lots of torso shedding

Dr David  Concluded that clearing is starting to happen
2/27/2020 Thu
Same as Weds

Glad I am ending this period with no backward slides!


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