Another Good Week

March 22

This week was a good one as well. As i am feeling better the Corona Virus has gotten crazy! What timing! The Bay Area is Sheltering in Place, this means stay home unless you have reason to go to out. The only businesses that are open are ones that are required such as grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies and hardware stores and restaurants are allowed takeout only. Small business is being hit hard if they are outside of those aforementioned businesses. All of my appointments have been rescheduled: No Acupuncture, Chinese herbs being mailed to me and my dermatologist appt is going to be over the phone-

Like I mentioned above, I am feeling less pain, meaning I can easily get around which is awesome, however, I still have PRP, just because I am feeling better does not mean the disease is going away, so I am remaining vigilant to this PRP!

My short term disability ran out, so I had to get converted to Long Term Disability and that was recently approved which I am very thankful for as I was feeling some pressure to return to work, and now with the LTD being approved I can continue to heal without pressure [my own] to get back to work although I miss everyone very much, going back to the office in sweats and loose long sleeves and surgical gloves is clearly out of the question.

In this time of CoronaVirus please :



DON'T TAKE CHANCES, this shit is for REAL!!

I am feeling better but [to me] I am seeming more red, Ill go over  that with Dr. Bui
Magoo doesn't seem to mind though : )

  Leg Skin is thick and leathery and peeling with large flecks of skin, above two pics
Below 2 pics are the backs of legs with the same type of thick flaky skin
Not Painful but itchy

 Tender spots are the red sections below 2 pics, those tender sections can be very painful, almost chaffed


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