Flare, Flared out, finally!!!

April 7

Well, I have got to say that the flare I was suffering from has flared out and I could not be happier.
Legs have cleared up and now I am back to where I was before the flare started around the 23rd of March. The flare was so painful to the point where even if the softest fabric touched my inner legs that would hurt terribly. I am hoping that I never have such an acute flare moving forward-

The Stye ended up going away with warm compresses and that was painful too! Not as bad as the leg flare, but I'm sure I was being tested! But I made it through!!!

Stay safe amidst this Covid19 virus!!!

 Staying Positively Miguel during this time and my eyebrows are growing back!. . . . . .ok kind of : )

One thing I have learned is I need God during tough times and ALL THE TIME!

Magoo and the heart I made out of PostIts so the hood knows we are in this together

 ↕↕↕Beginning of Flare↕↕↕

 ↕↕↕↕Worst Period↕↕↕

 ↕↕↕ Today as Flare is Over ↕↕↕


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