Chinese Herb Regimen

Here are the herbs that I have been prescribed to ingest 3x a day:

Sheng Di Huang Clears Heat. Cools the Blood. Nourishes the Yin. Increases Fluids.
Clears Heart Fire.

Xuan Shen clears heat and cools the blood, nourishes yin and promotes the production of the body fluids, alleviates toxicity and benefits the throat. Application: Xuan Shen is used for yin deficiency and blood-heat manifested as fever, dry mouth, dry throat, night sweat and coughing of blood.

Da Qing Ye Clears heat, relieves toxicity - for any contagious febrile disease outbreak; also for fire toxin anywhere, but especially in the throat and lungs.
Cools the blood, reduces blotches - skin eruptions due to heat in the blood, intense fever, irritability.

Mu Dan Pi cools and moves the blood, treats Yin deficiency, disinfects and drains pus from sores, and reduces swelling both externally and internally. It does not induce nausea and vomiting when ingested. It enters the Heart, Liver and Kidney, and its temperature is slightly cold but not as cold as Zhi Zi.

Qian Cao Gen Cools the blood to stop bleeding - vomiting blood, nosebleed, coughing blood, blood in stool, uterine bleeding, any bleeding due to hot blood.

Zi Cao Gen Lithospermum or Arnebia Root – “Purple Herb” Actions: Clears heat; cools the blood; promotes blood circulation; promotes the expression of skin eruptions; eliminates toxicity; slight function to moisten the intestines and unblock the bowels; topically clears damp-heat from the skin.

Sheng Ma Releases the exterior, vents muscles - accelerates the early stages of skin rashes, headache from wind-heat (forehead - stomach channel).
Clears heat, relieves toxicity - toxins in the upper or superficial areas, swelling, painful, sore gums, lips, and/or throat.
Raises yang, lifts spleen qi sinking (strong than Ge Gen) - for middle qi deficiency leading to shortness of breath, fatigue, prolapse of stomach, uterus, or rectum.
Serves to guide other herbs upwards.

Shan Yao is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb that is used to replenish the Qi and tonify the spleen. It provides botanical support to the digestive system and benefits. Shan Yao has antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects.

Bai Ji Li is a traditional Chinese medicinal herb used to dispel wind, soothe the liver and benefit vision. Bai Ji Li supports cardiovascular health, benefits skin health, supports kidney health, benefits male health, and may benefit reproductive function.

Jin Yin Hua Clear heat, relieve toxic fire - hot, painful swellings in the throat, breast, eyes; intestinal abscesses.Expel wind-heat - fever, aversion to wind, sore throat, headache; also for summer-heat.
Clear damp heat from the lower jiao - dysentery, lin syndrome.

Lian Qiao, Forsythia Fruit, or  as it's called in Chinese, is a powerful herb that enables proper functioning of the digestive system by clearing out the toxins that pass through it.

Huang Lian is a traditional Chinese herb to clear heat, dry dampness, purge fire and relieve toxicity. Huang Lian has many health benefiting properties including supporting healthy digestion and can be used topically promote healing of sores, supports oral health and circulation.

Zhi Mu Usages and IndicationsNourishes yin, moistens dryness - deficiency of lung and kidney yin, night sweats, steaming bone disorder, irritability, afternoon or low-grade fevers, bleeding gums, five-center heat; also for kidney heat signs - spermatorrhea, nocturnal emission, high sexual desire.

Shi Gao is bitter and sweet - benefits yin, unlike other bitter-cold herbs that clear heat (not for long periods, hidden heat syndromes, injure yin (bitterness) and stomach), clears heat without hurting the stomach. When the calcined form is used it is for burns, eczema, abscesses, and nonhealing ulcers.

Zhi Zi helps in lowering blood pressure; to treat certain presentations of insomnia; to lower systemic inflammation; to combat influenza; and to reduce elevated blood lipids.

Gan Cao influences Heart, Lung, Spleen, Stomach. Tonifies the Spleen and augments Qi.Expels phlegm and stops cough. Clears heat and resolves toxicity. Relaxes spasms and alleviates pain. Harmonizes other herbs.


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