Brutal Christmas week, super tough to stay smiling!

**LOA Extended to January 31**

This week has been BRUTAL. Lots of inner leg and in inner arm pain, waking up multiple time a night to apply ointment, not alot of sleep, lots of anxiety and trying to keep sane and clean and safe.

Don’t need  infections or cracks on hand and feet. Foot soles and palms of hands have completely peeled which was an experience. Now they are constantly lightly peeling but I have to keep them moist with vaseline/Aquaphor, otherwise they will peel and crack, and that is not going to be uncomfortable if that happens. Trying to keep upper thighs wrapped as well but as I shed, that turns into a sandpaper-like feeling.

* just a note of caution, while I strive to maintain decorum, there may be images and language that is of adult nature *


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