FFS the feet and ankles (kankles) are so not comfortable this holiday season! What iPad??

OMG My feet did not hurt this AM from the swelling pain, so I am goin to assume that I am on way out of the feet and ankle swelling business (for now).For the past week I when I got out of bed I had to pause because if it did it too quickly my feet felt like they were going to give out from under me. The pain and pulsations from the swelling was terrible. I have tried some other avant-gard solutions for PRP. I have for the last 2 days, in order to maintain moisture, wrapped my arms, legs and feet in saran wrap (Stretch-tite from Cosco, I think Smart and Final carries it as well) after I slather on all of my ointments + Betamethasone DP Aug .05% on areas that are severely burning like forearms, inner thighs and inner calves and Aquaphor everywhere else. I keep everything together with compression pants and arm bands. Same with my peeling feet and of course Nitrile gloves on my hands with the tips cut off. Feels very Frankenstien-ish but it also seems to be helping ALOT.

Oh and my iPad no longer recognizes me as my fingerprints are fucking gone~! GREAT!!!

* just a note of caution, while I strive to maintain decorum, there may be images and language that is of adult nature *


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