Hanging in there!

Heard back from the Acupuncture Herbalist and I have an appt on Feb 4!!!

Inner legs still tender, but I think the Cosentyx and reduced dose of acitretin are doing their thing as I am no longer suffering from the white hot pain the way I was, I still have major discomfort but nothing like before, skin super tight around the knees, thighs and ankles.

Laying low as to not agitate legs

Starting a low inflammation diet on Monday, to try to improve legs

Also last night one of my plastic booties slipped half way off, bot oh boy, that ankle and 1/2 foot were so dry and peeling!

Pics under pain diagram, not for the faint of heart

This is how my arms look after sleeping, as you can see the wrap (stretch tite) has shrunk down past elbow and exposed skin which causes dryness (ointment rubbed off on long sleeve T) and discomfort

As mentioned above here is a visual of the tightness on the knees

 Inner thigh inflammation and tenderness

 The wrap prevents the skin from drying up, see upper calf and ankle area with flakiness
 Hands are still peeling, this does not hurt, just looks painful, just uncomfortable

 Not at all excited about the thickening of my nails, this is a side effect of the disease, also note, no cuticles, that is another side effect


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