I think I have Plateaued

Not sure what is happening but I think I have plateaued, I don't think the pain could get worse, nor go away completely as of this am. Typically, I wake up clean up and apply ointments and the pain subsides, but today and yesterday it persisted. I am glad I have a Dr. Appt Friday to get the Cosentyx, to see if that can give me some relief-

Pain Points:
  • Inner thighs from knee up
  • Back of legs from knee up to butt cheeks (going to try to wrap knees to see if that provides relief)
  • Inner elbow up to arm pit  (easier to control as I wrap stretch tite)
  • Elbow up to back of arm pit

* just a note of caution, while I strive to maintain decorum, there may be images and language that is of adult nature *


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