NYE, NYD Shut in, paid off, somewhat ~

Stayed home for New Years Eve and NYD, could not endure walking but, relief this AM! Ok So had a good night’s sleep, getting in and out of bed was much easier the night of Jan 1, as the entire week prior my legs felt WHITE HOT pain on the inner thighs as well as the back of my legs from the back of the knees to the butt cheeks every time I got out of bed to use the restroom (3x).
Last night it was effortless, did not need to apply ointment in the middle of the night. As of the 27th Dr. Upped the Acitretin to 50 mgs a day and I think It kicked in last night, skin has a more normal appearance, but we will see. Feet still wrapped daily in plastic booties as they are shedding lightly but I do not want them to crack, hands are protected with Nitrile gloves daily. Legs have an almost normal color to them and face still shedding and eyes still gooey upon waking up in the middle of the night and in the AM. Today I feel almost normal so thats a win!

I know I look hideous but, welcome to my new normal!!

* just a note of caution, while I strive to maintain decorum, there may be images and language that is of adult nature *


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