One thing about PRP, it's constantly changing, something new daily!!

Leg pain back, again but this time I had to apply ointment in the middle of the night as I was super uncomfortable. Also front torso @ belly button starting to get irritated - Inner thighs and back of knees pretty sore and irritated, inner elbows and elbows as well. Buttocks very sore to be seated so I have to stand .

Slept with full gloves to see if that would help my cracking fingers, it did thank goodness

Also read about a drug trail with Cosentyx, asked Dr. about it and I may bet that drug to see if I can advance the cure of this PRP Shit, more to come . . . 

* just a note of caution, while I strive to maintain decorum, there may be images and language that is of adult nature *


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